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If you could recreate the world what would it be like?
I would personally cause the apocalypse, I'm bored with life and everyday living, the fight to survive the struggle would provide things that just getting a job and falling in love would do.. the passion the will to live to test humans in every way, because i think life is boring, but i dont hate life, im sickened by it.
I bet a lot of people would make it a very bad place for existence, but I would like for a world that treat everyone as equals and works together as a whole.
Why make it bad so life is not boring? Make it as interesting as possible, not as bad as possible, because then life would most likely be very short.
why make it near-perfect there would be no problems nothing to fight for it would be boring as hell, life with no challenges sickens me
It would all be just chicks and me.
Seriously, i'd have every other male locked up somewhere and only used for impregnanting purposes.
Back for good.
It's kind of impossible to make a perfect world, humans would just mess it up, if you want to change anything, you'd have to change us first ;o


How can you be so pessimistic when the majority of people are content to live peacefully and uneventfully, and so many are great leaders of peace?