id make a world full of ninjas and powers and stuff like tht nobody would be born without having powers and one realy long blade
They say love is when you find the one? but what if love is the one that kills you. Think about it.
Are you asking what would I do if i was a god? (In a nutshell). I would make the planet alot bigger, but find a way to maintain the same ammount of gravity. those who make others suffer on purpose will be warned once, and then punished. I would clean the air of the planet continuously. I would take away everyones hate and mislead prejudices. I would stop wars, and promote peace. i would feed the hungry and provide bountiful crops. I would maintain all animal species. I would let the earth grow to keep up with the ammount of occupents it had. If someone needed to be tended to and encouraged and guided, then i would personally appear to them and talk things through. i would be responsible and nurturing to all my creations. < Sounds like id be a perfect god.
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no im asking would you make life more exciting and hard to survive or would you baby the human race and let everyone live only few have the will to survive and im sure everyone in the world takes life for granite and only about 20 have the will to survive not including me or any of you.
I have the will to survive my friend. I believe that when i die it all goes black...nothingness...which means...i dont get to have the reassurance of heaven that some of you have. So that means im fucken scared shitless of death and will do anything to survive.
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I'd make a world with no asian people... (I'm joking of course, I love asians.)

I'd probably get us under one government... and then we'd just kill some aliens 'n' shit....
the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
If you're saying if I had a 1 shot chance to change whatever I wanted from the start to now, then: I can't imagine changing anything since when I think about how every little change can change things so much. I might not know the people I know now. I might not even be born. I may not have whatever. I'm contempt enough with life as it is right now and wouldn't want to risk changing anything.

If the question is what would I do if I was like a god and could do whatever I wanted I would: Give myself a few powers, invisibility, teleportation, and telekinesis. Then I would use my God powers to make my God powers go away, (except when I die I come back to life as a God without a human body), until I cut off the tip of my finger, like from the knuckle below the nail up. This would ensure that I don't abuse my God powers and fuck everything up unless I really really wanted/needed to, and prevents my accidental permanent death.

Edit: And be happy you're able to be bored and you're not out there starving somewhere with nowhere to live, you selfish bastard.
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