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What's your heritage/nationality?
My dad's side is mostly Irish and Greek (hell yes!) and my mom's side is all over the place, but I think we have a lot of german, too. What are your roots?
Mostly Italian, as my great-grandparents were immigrants from Italy. Though my dad's side also has some Slovak in it.

As for my mom's, mostly western European. British and German, from what I'm told.
My grandparents are from Norway (dad's side), and my mom's side is a mix of German, English, and a bit of Russian.
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I'm Pure Polish person ;)
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I'm half greek half mexican. (Or more specific: Spanish, Tarascan/Aztec, Spartan, Athenian, Delphinian.)
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I'm Polish and Irish. I'm more Irish though, seeing as my family and I all seem to have that accent, apparently. I'm trying to get more with my Polish culture though, learning culture/language, etc.
Irish, scottish and candian. Mainly scottish though, I was grown in their community, and from my own opinion, i'm pure scottish, because that's where I was raised, and that's what culture i've taken grasp of.
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