French Canadian on my dad's side, and my mom's side they're southern and ancestors from Germany, I believe.

My last name is Bby. Here we just put/say Baby, but if I were in canada/france or something then I guess it'd be pronounced Baubie or somethin. Here's a site with stuff http://baubie.org/genealogy/index.php and here's a family tree somewhat http://baubie.org/genealogy/docs/Cle...byTreeScan.pdf
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4 fifths Filipino and 1 fifth Spanish(great grandad was Spanish). My family migrated to Australia though, like, 5 years ago
Polish on my dad's side, native american on my mom's.

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Both my parents are danish, but my fathers grandgrandmother was from Norway, so I'm 1/16 Norwegian (Not sure how to say it :/)
Also, Solax, do you speak Swedish since you were born there? :3
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