Hehe im born in norway but moved with my parents to gothenburg sweden, then i moved to stockholm sweden
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Pure portuguese here.
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Dad is Egyptian, his family was the boss of the cotton production in Egypt. He sort of had to get out of Egypt in a boat when he was 3 or something because of some mean dictator who didn't like jews. My grandparents swallowed all their jewlery and wealthy arab jew shits and ran away to Brazil, where they tried the cotton business over there. Didn't work and they lost a fuckton of money, which they got back multiples of 10 in the oil business being Europe's top oil exporter. By that point, my dad bailed his dad and went to Cuba for a while, and decided to play a little with politics. Not sure what happend there exactly, but he decided to come back to Brazil, where he met his first wife and had 2 of my brothers, living in Rio and going to some college in Sao Paulo. That part may or may not be fake, since everyone in the family seems to have a say on it. So a little time went by, and he finally divorced his first wife and met his second wife in Russia, and eventually lived with her in England where he had 2 other kids, and France, where he had one. Then he moved, with his soon to be 3rd wife, to Dallas, where he had another kid. Stuff in Dallas got boring so he went to New York, where he and my mom clicked for the first time, although I was born in Brazil.

My mother is like 20 years younger than my dad, he's something like 65-70 right now and she's 45. She was born in Brazil, like me, and when she was 18 went to live in France, going later on to Italy, and then to Spain, not to mention the countries she visited while doing that. She met my dad in Dallas for the first time, but by then she really didn't want to have anything to do with him. In New York they bought an appartment together, then they moved to France, and my mother bailed on him and went to Brazil when I was about to get born. She got in labor in the airport, so I was this close from being an atlantian, fucking slow reaction time.

Besides those two, I'm Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Polish multiple times on my mother's side, and Palestinian, Egyptian, Iranian, lets just say very Arab, and Russian on my dad's side. I missed the Blacks and the Asians. :<
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Aren't you you clever.

My dad was adopted, so much for his history.

My mothers side came to canada way back in the 1800's. Appearantly we like boats because my uncle is a ships captain and my great grandfather was a ships captain in the boer war. Another one of my relatives steam shipp-ed goods in India. My other uncle won a bronze in olympic sailing.

My mother side was Irish and a bit of Norwegian I think. All of my grandparents died before I could ask them something.
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