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TCU - Info
Toribash Coding Union

Basically a place for those who know any programming or scripting language(s) to interact,
teach people who wish to learn, further their own knowledge and just chill.
If you wish to join TCU, visit this thread.
The IRC channel is #Coding.

We will help you learn any language you like, if we can. If we don't know a language, one or a group of us with experience will learn it with you.
We will help you to learn Toribash Lua if you like, although I personally recommend Blam's tutorials, from the Lua Scripts board.
Feel free to pop in and see what we're about, even if you have no intention of actually learning/contributing anything.

At the moment, our members are:

  • Pedant - PHP, Lua, Perl, Java, Scheme, Brainfuck, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Pythonkinda, Haskell
  • Fee - PHP, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, VB.NET

  • Yoyo - Ruby, Lua
  • Tapion - Java, Actionscript 3
  • Crux - PHP, SQL, Lua, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS
  • Koz - PHP, SQL
  • Gorman - C#, Brainfuck
  • Hkp - CSS, HTML, C++, Python, JS

  • R4ff
  • ugonadie6
  • Lucent
  • Catastrophe
  • jvnsfunny
  • j0y
  • carl
  • Enzu
  • destiny
  • Boredpayne
  • p0w
  • rhyz
  • Tryton
  • arnaufall
  • wiirus
  • Reicon87
  • Dr0pK1ck
  • isaac
  • Toaste
  • celloman
  • box
  • Kryo
  • SonnyXP

ishi is apparently our dedicated idler even though he's never in the fucking channel
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