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Some of you may have seen this community before. It's called CodeMeh (link).
It was taken down a while ago because the owners couldn't afford to pay the cost of running the site, but now the owner of the hosting company has decided to host it for himself. I used to be the equivalent of an SMod there, now I'm an admin and I'm going to try to revive it.
You should all sign up and post stuff.
Codemeh's challenges are amazing :o
multiple texture uploader! updated: multiple texture remover!
updated pretty colorlist!

<BobJoelZ> ok ive just rebooted my pc and ive tried to activate my reflex on yahoo internet explorer :/ no luck

<Aracoon> I do not enjoy having anal sex with multiple men
Yes it is.

I'm thinking about switching forum software; it's currently a nulled vbulletin which seems to have a backdoor. I'll probably get bored and look through the source and find it at some point rather than just replace the forum.
My temporary (and possibly non-working) fix: manual validation is required for all new accounts.
I'm not sure how effective it'll be, as the spambots didn't seem to be registering in the conventional way, but it's worth a shot.