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Some of you will certainly have seen this before. Imran Nazar began development of a gameboy emulator written entirely in JavaScript, from the CPU up.
This is what began my fascination with the language. It's quite often underestimated as just "that language that browsers use" and thought of as merely an extension to a web page, but it's capable of so much more and this project proves it.
Here's his personal blog, detailing his creation of the emulator. Start from the bottom and move up.

What do you think of this? Do you know of another language that can be used for so much more than what the majority of people would guess or realise?
Most languages can be used for anything.

JavaScript emulator would be very inefficient and time consuming to make. It is a fun idea, but it is completely esoteric.
JavaScript does not compare to C in terms of efficiency.

Besides that, if it is troublesome or long to make then that is inefficient in itself.
I'm not comparing JavaScript's efficiency to anything else. Why are you?
I'm showing people that some common beliefs are really misconceptions - most languages can be used outside of their usual domain.
Again, I'll use the example of the GameBoy; its development didn't happen overnight (and neither did the development of a fair few fantastic things) and I'm sure the makers encountered their fair share of difficulties in the process, but does that make it inefficient? Hardly.
Besides, there's nothing wrong with esoteric projects. :D

I love how all of your posts seem to strike debates. It makes things interesting.
I am just saying that just because something can be done, doesn't mean you should do it or that it will be good.

There is nothing wrong with esoteric programs, but understand that this IS esoteric, so although it can be used to make an emulator, you really shouldn't do it as a serious solution.

That is where the so-called misconception comes from, it can be used for other tasks, but it is not suitable.
Hence when we teach people JavaScript, we don't say "use it for everything". Just like when we teach people Java we don't teach them to use "goto"s. It is just bad.
Java is a launguage that Can be used ouside of its domain, but it can prove to be inefficient length-wise.
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Hey pedant, that's not fair, read the last sentence of the first post.
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