For what reason is magic incredibly hard to use?

Try basing it off of Ff10.

I say things should be easy for one race to do but hard for another.

Like the albed in ff10 they are good with machines as where the ronso's are good at fist fighting.

Yes you can teach an albed how to fight but it could be extremely hard and vice versa.
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Why they hell are people posting in this thread without knowing what this forum is.

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Yay enlightened invasion. Derp, just found out you could make your own RPG if you were in the clan and everything was in order. Oh the irony!

So yeah if you guys decide to start a whole 'nother story with a different timeline and them or whatever, PM me if I don't see it on this board because I'd love to be a part of it! The very first time we did this was a blast until I left!

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