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Rules and Guidelines
Fabula Magnus must run efficiently, and to do so, it needs to have rules that people follow. The rules and guidelines are broken down into groups based on what you want to do.

General chat threads and posts
  1. Fabula Magnus also functions as a general RPG chat board for most things concerning RPGs, internet based or otherwise. While making threads based on those topics is fine, make sure there isn't another existent thread. NECRO BUMPING IS FINE AS LONG AS IT ISN'T POINTLESS. Use your common sense.
  2. I will not be super strict about posts, but obviously, going severely off-topic is not allowed. A thread should be about the topic through it's entire lifespan, and if it isn't, consequences will follow. Use your common sense.
  3. Talking about things unrelated to RPGs isn't a good idea. There will be exceptions, of course, but remember what the org is about. Again, use your common sense.

Making an RPG

Making an RPG might sound pretty cool, and it is. Making a world and letting people interact with it in wondrous ways is a great feeling. But that does not mean you can just about posting whatever RPG threads you want. To control the flow of our board, the GMs must "license" an RPG. This will happen behind closed doors while we consider the person making the RPG and the RPG itself. Once we give you permission, you may then create your world.

Inactive threads or dead RPGs will be removed to conserve space and aesthetics. If you want an RPG removed, contact a GM.

For tips on how to make an RPG or GM one, you can ask anyone in #magnus. Threads asking how to make an RPG are pointless and will be treated as such.

Being part of an RPG

RPG GMs will have their own rules regarding their own threads, and if players don't like it, logic dictates that it will die and be removed. Therefore, I won't go into GM code of conduct, as it is the local GMs discretion.

As for players, it is essential that you comply with the rules of the thread. If we find that you often break rules, you will be banned from participation in the organization.

Breaking organization rules in an RPG will be immediately dealt with at the moderator's discretion. I would advise against it.


USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. PLEASE. Most forms of punishment can be avoided if you simply use your common sense. Not being an idiot is, oddly enough, beneficial at times.

These rules are not a guarantee. All action regarding rules by moderators is at their own discretion.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns regarding rules, this is the place to post them.
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