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Contact-a-GM hotline
Welcome to the Fabula Magnus support hotline! Please hold while we connect you to our help desk.

So, basically, if you need something to be moderated or deleted or whatever, just post your problem here and a GM will get to it. Posting multiple times about the same issue will be bad for you, so just be patient.

This is not for requesting an RPG license, joining, complaining or any of that other shit. It is simply to request moderation.

This saves GMs PMs and other pointless nonsense, so help out and use this thread!

For the record: We mean GM as moderator of Fabula Magnus, not Toribash Gamemaster, okay? Leave me alone.
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Omnia Mori
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Just so you know if it's standard moderation (For instance deleting a useless post) you can contact me via the forum, use the report button, or contact me on IRC, I'll be in #magnus and #support.

Please do not contact me if you want to change something about someone else's RPG, or in some way moderate in a rude and disrespectful way, I will only perform my normal SMOD duties.
Hello i need to be removed from my clan,Agent.I've been trying to leave for a a moth now and cannot because the button is not there please forcefully kick me from my clan
Tourneys just came back a while ago but now u guys took off akido or however it happened but i was requesting if u could return regular akido to the tourneys and if u could maybe change the lenshu back to normal lenshu instead of lenshu3ng or add normal lenshu back to the tourneys and semi-pros