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RPG Licensing
RPGs are fun to make. They are, it's no secret. But they are also a responsibility, not just for the local GM, but for the org GMs as well. We need to stay organized and pretty, which is why we've incorporated something like an "RPG license" system.

Basically, if you want to make an RPG, you have to apply first. You and your RPG will be reviewed and we will decide on it.

First, there are some requirements.
  1. You have to be a member of the org, obviously.
  2. The RPG must be complete and ready.
  3. You must be available in IRC (so we can contact you) and active in the forums (so we know you will keep track of your RPG).
Once these criteria are met, you may apply. The application process consists of posting the original thread concept here, and possibly any other notes you would like to add.

Spoiler tags are encouraged.

Once your thread has been accepted, you will be contacted giving you the okay to make your thread. You may then initiate your RPG. Each new RPG requires a new application, no matter if you've been accepted before.

If you make an RPG thread without our consent we will rape you with consequences.

Approved RPGs

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I explain more to you about it soon enough, highlight me in IRC when you can. I'll mess with formatting when it get's assepted.


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