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So you need a map or other art eh?
Post here, PM me or contact me on #magnus, I'm not going to do any super special amazing art unless you pay me, but you can expect clean sketches that get your idea across to the players if you just want free stuff.
If you are also an artist and want in on this thread please send me a PM or contact me on #magnus and we will work out a deal.

A few things I want to know when you post a request, if you don't complete this form I'll probably just entirely ignore you:

Map Form:
Map type. (Galactic, solar, planet wide, region, continent, country, island, state and city are a few examples.)
RPG Theme. (Scifi, fantasy, give me an idea of what kind of world this is.)
Region name.
Conditions and terrain. (Are we on the frozen Hoth, or the rather blown up Alderaan? Either way, let me know what I'm drawing.)
Approximate size in whatever measurement works best for the size.
Major areas or landmarks to include.
Any labels you want on the map.
Anything else you think I should know.

Character Profile Form:
Not currently available, when I'm better at drawing people I'll let you know, for now, please do not request images of people.

RPG Misc Images Form. If you want any other images like a header or just a fancy logo and title then include:
What it is you want.
What Resolution you want it at.
What style you want it in. (You can describe this by describing the style of your RPG or by describing it in more artistic terms, either works for me.)
What I need to make sure to include.

By the way, if you want the image in a specific style (I.E. sketched with pencil and pen or vectored with an art programme) then let me know. Otherwise I'll pick what seems appropriate.
All free art will be done within my own schedule and time frame.
Oh, also, please don't ask me to come up with names or locations FOR you. It's your creation I'm making art for.

Free art licence:
All art provided for free as part of this service is considered owned by Alexei Barnes and under copyright, attempting to sell this work, or use it in part of a commercial product (other than fair use) is prohibited. All art provided for free in this service may be distributed for free. All art provided for free in this service may be edited or modified for any use other than commercial. It is allowed for the owner (Alexei Barnes) to resell this art as part of a commercial or non commercial product without informing the person who requested the art.

Paid for art licence:
All art sold to a person through this service is considered owned by the buyer, the resale of this work by the new owner is accepted.

By posting a request you accept the relevant licence above.
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I hope one of he guys accepts your offer, caue I'd really like to see it on our thread.
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Map type: Continent, I suppose.
RPG Theme: Low magic low fantasy setting, for the most part, but there is a relatively large amount of natural magical phenomena.
Region name: Fracterrum
Conditions and terrain: My map sketch should take care of that.
Approximate size in whatever measurement works best for the size: On the sketch, from east to west, approx. 350 miles.
Major areas or landmarks to include: Noted on the map, but places of note are the Orbis (which is drawn too big on the sketch), the valley encompassing Monteciti, Montem Magnum, Freedom Lake, the Great Ranges, and Gate Valley.
Any labels you want on the map: There are labels on the sketch I included, but if you have trouble reading them, I can help.
Anything else you think I should know: Here are the crappy hand drawn sketches. This is why we need someone to make our maps. Seriously, I'm ashamed to even put this on here.

Full Map

Human half

Elf half

Northwest quadrant

Southwest quadrant

Northeast quadrant

Southeast quadrant

For help on what my illustrations mean, I will gladly help you. I'm asking for the free version, but if my images have insulted you in some way, I will gladly compensate for your work and emotional damages with some cold hard $$$.
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