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absolutely not you both are denied have a nice day I'm really funny laugh at me.

I'll add you guys to the list tomorrow.

Name : Pedro
Languages spoken : Portugues, Ingles
Why you want to join the RSO : I have the org and is a good ogr is why I guess.
Two sparring replays
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#K Vs Sasuke.rpl (927.4 KB, 8 views)
#Kill Vs ZeZ.rpl (801.7 KB, 6 views)
Hi, i'm Chibe n' shit and I got tired of alting so yeah..
Add me to the list or whatever and if I have to apply again then.

Languages spoken-English
Why you want to join the RSO-Get better
Two sparring replays-...
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~S-Warrior&Fatul.rpl (843.6 KB, 12 views)
~SS-Hake2.rpl (215.1 KB, 8 views)
i am the best in toribash

Not really yes
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
cnc is an endangered resource
real talk in that spar with fatul I love the fact that when you weren't able to land the cork instead of trying to make some fugly recovery you just quit it.

dunno why you bothered to alt or whatever, or why you're applying for student. I'd hazard a guess that you probably won't post here either, but yeah sure why not. I'll add you to the list in the morning.
wow that
hello I am a student of the ancient RSO RSO to Another account (Theo31) Unfortunately I lost my password so I post on this account

Name: Theo
Languages ​​spoken: French, English
Why you want to join the RSO: To help me deepen my style aggresif
Two sparring replays:

theo_spar 6.rpl

theo_spar 7.rpl
[OFRO] /!\Spar/!\
Well, my name is Rafael de Comas and I have 2 middle names.
I only speak english, I'm from the Bahamas.
I want to join because I'm returning from a year break from Toribash and I used to seriously enjoy sparring. It has been a long while and to be honest I have no recent replays to show. But I do have some replays from a while back to prove I know what sparring is.
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tsuk- mission [spar].rpl (824.1 KB, 4 views)
tsuk- sweet victory [spar].rpl (867.3 KB, 4 views)
sure, I'm not against it

you're all over the place, and I like that. I'll try to help you clean it up a little.
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