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Rewriting RPGs
Howdy, maybe I'll get banned for this but whatever, it's worth it anyhow.

A quick, simple question, or suggestion if it have never touched your minds before; Have the Fabula Magnus been rewritten into "book format", if so, where can one find it, if not, do you think it would be a good idea?

On some other forums, and other communities, not only internet related, this is what I have encountered being done with RPGs that have played out quite well, and after reading half of Fabula Magnus (and forgetting what page I where at I simply quit since I have a limited amount of time, and a lot of hobbys...), I would consider Fabula Magnus to have played out with a great success.

Now, Why would you do this? New members quickly understands the purpose of a RPG, and hopefully gets a hint of how this group views the pen and paper they are playing with.
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
I've considered it and done some work for this matter, but I haven't completed or gotten far in anything so far. If you want to help or something, feel free. You should come to #magnus too.

Also nice award!