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What it says on the tin. This is an RPG based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time universe. It is mostly unrelated to the plot of the series, but there will be plenty of nods, I'm sure.

It's set in the same universe, but a few generations before the birth of Rand al'Thor (note: this does not mean this follows canon before his birth; this is a completely alternate universe). Things are bad on all fronts. The Blight up north is getting noticeably stronger by the day and is overtaking Malkier. The Aiel Waste to the east is stirring and tales would have people believe a great host is forming there. In the Aryth Ocean, to the west, mysterious ships have been spotted, and strange flying creatures. Some Atha'an Miere (sea folk) claim that the beasts have riders. There is conflict in the Westerlands itself, however. Tear and Illian are at war once again in the Plains of Maredo, the Children of the Light are getting more and more aggressive, and almost every border is tense. Arad Doman and Tarabon on the western coast are eying eachother, while the south and central nations are all on the verge of conflict if they aren't already fighting. Only the Blightborder and Cairhien have any semblance of peace, and that's because of the increasing threat of the Blight up north and Cairhien's alliance by marriage with Andor.

As if that wasn't enough, channelers are rapidly becoming more abundant - for both genders. The White Tower is straining to preserve peace while dealing with the threat of male channelers and an increasing number of Darkfriends, both inside the Tower and out.

how 2 play??//
Unlike my other RPGs, this is a bit more limited due to the nature of the universe. While I will compromise some things for the sake of good story or some such, most of your options will be listed.

Starting Locations
  • Tar Valon
  • White Tower (only as Aes Sedai or Warder)
  • Caemlyn
  • Amador (only as Whitecloak)
  • Shienar
  • Cairhien
  • Illian
  • Tear

Starting Classes/professions/etc.
note: with these, I will be far more allowing. these examples are always available and recommended, though.
  • White Tower Novice - A novice is a female who can channel and is training to hone their skill and become Aes Sedai at the White Tower. This may be one of the hardest options to start with due to the confinement it behooves.
  • Commoner (flexible) - Peasant. Citizen. Lowborn. Basically a free person who has a profession or duty, from farming to smithing to healing to being a camp follower to being a merchant to being a mercenary.
  • Whitecloak - Formally known as Children of the Light, Whitecloaks are a militaristic and zealous organization dedicated to ridding the world of what they view as evil. Very much like the Knights Templar.
  • Warder-in-training - These also start in the White Tower. These are young men that come to the Tower to train to be future Warders. Warders are chosen guardians of Aes Sedai, bonded through the One Power. They are badass. Also one of the harder choices.
  • Malkieri refugee - Someone who has escaped from the dying nation Malkier due to the Blight's advance. Most people from Malkier are badass. This is more of a template than the other choices, because you can be almost anything and be Malkieri.
  • Minor lord/lady - Exactly what it says on the tin. A person of low nobility. If political intrigue is your shtick, this is the option for you.

Traits can be started with (if it makes sense), earned, lost, altered, etc. These options are almost always available when creating your character.
  • Can touch saidar - Means you have the potential to channel, and at the very least it guarantees you can receive Tower training and sense saidar.
  • Can channel saidar - If you don't have this at the beginning, you can get it through Tower training as long as you can touch saidar. If you have this from the start, you are a wilder. While this does grant you early access to the One Power, it makes advancing and manipulating your ability significantly harder. Exponentially, maybe.
  • Can channel saidin - This means you can access the male half of the One Power. Even in this universe, saidin is tainted. This means that eventually, it will cause you to go insane and probably destroy things and yourself. Unless you find some way to hone the ability, you can not control it. You may not even be aware in-game that you can channel at all. This also estranges you from society and puts you on the White Tower's and Whitecloaks' and probably everyone elses hit list if they find out. Not that it doesn't have it's boons; saidin and men who can channel it are often powerful, and usually more so than even full Aes Sedai. It has much more raw energy and destructive capability.
  • Darkfriend - Means you are allied with the Shadow. In other words, you are a bad guy and evil. Even if your character makes this choice for well intentions, the act will inevitably cause you to bring harm to the world. Not that your character realizes that.

You can be any of these. For odd choices, like mixed races, speak to me.
  • Saldaean (from Saldaea)
  • Kandori (from Kandor)
  • Arafellin (from Arafel)
  • Shienaran (from Shienar)
  • Domani (from Arad Doman)
  • Cairhienin (from Cairhien)
  • Andoran (from Andor)
  • Taraboner (from Tarabon)
  • Ghealdan (from Ghealdan)
  • Amadician (from Amadicia)
  • Altaran (from Altara)
  • Murandian (from Murandy)
  • Illianer (from Illian)
  • Tairen (from Tear)
  • Mayener (from Mayene)
  • Aiel (from the Aiel Waste) - This is a special race. You'll have to consult me if you want to be Aiel.

Info links
Map of the Westlands (primary setting of the game)
Map of the world

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At the Jangai Gate of Cairhien, the sounds of the Foregate bustle drown out almost everything as the throngs of brightly colored Cairhienin move about their business. Hawkers cry their wares and street performers attempt to awe crowds for a penny or two. Here and there the sounds of manufacturing are heard from the rings of forgers' hammers and their shouts at apprentices.

But even the mass of Foregaters part way for the wake of Aes Sedai. And they did, as six women in red shawls make their way through the unpaved streets, escorted by a score of Tar Valon city guardsmen bearing the Flame on their breastplates and cloaks. Their destination is unclear, but six of the Red Ajah has a very clear meaning: there's a male channeler in the Foregate, and he's about to have company.

It doesn't take long for word to reach Kyn that the Red Ajah are here. He hurriedly grabs his sword and exits the building he was staying in. He tries to get his bearings and figure out which way they are coming from so that he can go the exact opposite direction.
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