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[TGO]Applications thread for the Duelers/Betters

Applications are free-form. Just write a paragraph or an half and explain how you are a gambler(dueler/better) and why you want to join us. Please proof-read your application and try your hardest, thanks.

Members can decide with a vote of yes or no to a applicant. Do not spam up this thread, useless posts will be reviewed and you will recieve consequences if it continues.
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Hey, i just wanna beacuse i really like betting. I'm always at your and Ultimation's betting servers and i think i've wasted all my tc like 5 times. I just think this may be a fun org to meet other gamblers That is all.
you will need to put more in your app, until then, I say no.

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You don't need permission anymore to apply.
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I am ninja684 and I want to join TGO because I love gambling. Whenever I see a betting server up I always go and join it. I have made a nice amount from betting as well, about 20-30k. The highest bet i have done is 30k. I have hosted 2 or 3 betting servers before and wish to learn how to host better ones.

I also love to duel. Natejas and Sentinel got me into dueling and I duel everyday. I don't like doing item duels because I have been scammed before. Tc duels are perfectly fine with me though. I duel anywhere from 500tc-5ktc. I duel in judo, akido, and akido big dojo, although I rather do akido big dojo then any other.
i am such a gambler. I gamble so much that i never have tcs by the end of the day. I bet all the time. I would like to join because ultimation told me to join. Also because i want to be put in a group of my own kind (gamblers). Thank u for reading this.
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I suck at this game in case you were wondering