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[ARA] Replays

This is a thread for those who like making and sharing their replays.
Post your replays here for some constructive criticism, and don't be shy! Check out other ARA member's replays and give them some helpful feedback.
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mass amounts of crap shit replays.
cnc opls opls<3
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WIP, not serious. 2.rpl (68.8 KB, 14 views)
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don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
I liked your replay Internet, sadly I don't have any cnc on it but I love how great you are with keeping balance.
Also my favorite replay of yours hobo was probably WIP, Not Serious.
It looked pretty stylish to me, but with the rest of your replays it seems like you are focused too much on getting DMs.
:> Addicted - The opener was pretty nice, you got a nice jump out of it. I don't really like those kinds of jumps, they seem too overused.
The kick was solid, but the way you contracted your leg right before looked a little weird to me.
The transition to the decap was cool, and it had a nice amount of power in it. I think I would've liked it more had you gone straight into the decap though.
The transition to the pose was the worst part, it looked really floaty, and you were pretty held throughout it. The pose looked nice.

Ints - The opener was unique, I could watch that all day :P
The split had so much potential, I could hear it calling out to me to destroy that entire torso region.
The boom was nice as well, considering you used your shin.
The part I didn't like was that singular dm on what was left of the torso. You could've achieved far more damage by letting go earlier.
The pose was different, but it wasn't executed properly. It would've been much better had you not fallen over.

Attaching a WIP of the new OC. Still in it's early stages.
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Event Starter.rpl (99.3 KB, 11 views)
Since it's 2 am I'll say that they need work but they have potential, I was give an actual cnc tomorrow. Here is a replay I did.
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<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~