Can't view replays aaa

Anywho, wip I'm making. Might re-edit or not.
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!Lorr - wip.rpl (84.6 KB, 13 views)
in the name of the manly balthier send me your orc/chronos/gladiator items
I'm not cncing Luke's replay, I'm feeling fairly hostile towards him for stealing replays and trying to enter ORMO with them.

Water -
The opener was pretty unique, although there are quite few different openers now.
The decap looked pretty solid, not much to say about it.
I can't say I like the transition to the groin kick too much, it's too unrealistic for my taste(realism bruh).
As for getting a boomkick, try contracting your ankle. Relaxing doesn't always work. Experiment with different joint stats on your ankle, each one has the potential to make it a boom at different times.
For getting into ORMO, I'll give you a major tip. Don't make your replays plain destruction. Make them unique, make them shout out "THIS IS MY REPLAY". Recruiters like originality.

The opener looked pretty stiff to me. However it appealed to me, it's one of those slow-fast openers.
The boom kick looked really solid, I liked the way you executed that entire kick. The decap was really fluid and went with the flow of the replay perfectly. It would've made me smile if you made it a flawless decap.

I tried skateboarding :3
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Dscigs - Tony hawk.rpl (144.2 KB, 10 views)
I can't view your replay so sorry. But I did a back flip and then I did another thing, cnc and all that stuff.
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Potato - MODERN ART.rpl (79.2 KB, 4 views)
Potato - Flippy dippy.rpl (41.2 KB, 4 views)
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~