bought ARK: Survival Evolved.

I am downloading now.

it glitches with low memory.
but the game works, really heavy though
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Well damn, I better wait until I start building my gaming pc.
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I bloody love rocket league <3

Also, Hello all newest to Gamers Inc. Pleasure to meet you all ^^
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hi Jewww, long time huh. How's the metalcore stuff?

Getting along, New band now and moved states etc etc, Work more then music sadly. Money these days is hard to come by ^^

Good to see your around, Last I remember it was [Reaper] right ^^?
Rythm smells like Cheese
Bass is still a lovely thing to learn, One of my good mates plays base ^^

I could link you his stuff if you like sometime :P
Rythm smells like Cheese