For a custom color, will you have to have the item or will it be like any item of your choice?

I'm just fine with my set of toriarmor's color, cuz it fits well with my textures:3

Hey guys, I need your help
You have to have the regular item to get it recoloured. So if you want dark blue devil wings, you need to have the regular devil wings item already.
Custom textures for items would be hella cool imo. I'm sure people would love to have custom beanies and blindfolds and shit. Would allow people to have super-personalized items without having to be a 3d modeler. Stuff textured by artists here, too... Would kill for a snapback textured by xtscx.
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Are there any rules on unlocking achievements, like achievements that you're not allowed to unlock etc.
Also, what about buying a custom achievement?
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You're free to unlock anything there currently.

Also no, I don't believe the option to have a custom achievement will be possible until they are looked at as something to expand by the devs and hampa.
how much would it cost to for my Straw Hat hair item that's already forged?
it's not a 3D item, so didn't think it would be the same price.

Hair Items aren't part of this shop. They might be in the future but they're not right now. So I made it for free and sent you one. ~Icky
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Could signature images be bought here? And maybe signature size increase?
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