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Calamity is repeated in both Item forger and ex-Item forger list.

It can happen. If someone quit certain position and got back he/she can be on
both (ex and current)

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Jarmund hasn't been a sysadmin for years.
Also there was a former sysadmin named "jms"

The current sysadmin is a guy named Rugops, but afaik he doesn't have an account
Also, add count to ES mod and art squad.
And for the third time, Bloggers don't exist atm

and Kyure is a former admin
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also there's two random names at the very bottom of the post, "unknown, chillyy"

because someone remembers they were staff, no one knows which one though. P.S. unknown is not player, it's name of group in which chillyy is

SerYoshi disappeared from Smods.

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Druggedpanda is no longer a msquid

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Yea, I'm no longer Msquad gotta fix that.
Was good working with everyone on the staff team.
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Orko is a SMod now

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