I was Ex-Uniteam and Ex-Toriagent.
<Fish> How is being a dumbass a form of venting? Is this some sort of flatulence related joke?
I think SkulFuk is still a toribash blogger...
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Need help with any market related questions? Feel free to PM ME. <Powas> I've got a degree in 1001 techniques of masturbation
Yeah, the Marketeers from a while ago. I recall there was many people who weren't Market Squad there. The current Marketeers are pretty much Market Squad members, right? So there's no current Marketeers category.

There is only 2 of us who have access to it excluding hanz0.
I don't see a point in adding another category for 2 people.
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Whats promo team is that like the team that was supposed to give exposure to toribash to make more people play ?
Better than u at judo