So do you suggest that the events/mods/replays/beginner sanctuary/entertainment and media/news/suggestions and ideas local moderators get considered as "Staff" too?

Because basically what you're implying is anyone and everyone who has local mod in the "toribash" section of the forums should be considered staff.
Aren't we staff? Aren't we working in each our sections cleaning up threads and keeping people from going apeshit? Isn't that being part of a staff?
Are you implying that we aren't; "A group of assistants to a manager, executive, or other person in authority?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would consider everyone working to maintain order and wellbeing on this site for "staff" members.
But of course, if we're really not that important, then I'll have to say I'm indifferent.
This was talked about before. While I do agree that all local moderators, save for official clan and organization moderators, are staff, even if minor ones, it's a massive pain to keep them updated in this thread. Especially since nobody really remembers the past local moderators. They change that often.
Tona: Guess I only wanted a little recognition. Thanks. And ye, I agree on the "pain to keep them updated" part.

And Stellar, congrats on admin, didn't really notice until now.
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DrHax isn't an admin anymore

N'aww that was just a display glitch. We goood
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