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RbLcK should be a legend.
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I mean he hasn't been active for years but RbLcK created some of the most played mods of all time like taekkyon, wushu, judo and aikido. The mods he uploaded were the OG toribash and were played over 50 million times. For me that's worth legend status. ]

This is real as fuck. He's not been active since 2015, but definitely a legendary name no? Feels like someone who would have been suited for the very first torilegend wave.

I had no idea one guy made judo, aikido, and wushu?

RbLcK should srsly actually be legend. Like what?
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
Well I could make all these mods in 20 minutes

But despite them being so simple, they were massively influencial. So yeah, should be legend.
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in all honesty, there are only 3 people in this game who deserve legend akina shoddy and epoch, anyone else hasnt really done much enough of anything to be deserving of being suggested for legend if you do your going insane and need to revaluate ur thinking on the subject.