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What’s the reason you started smoking weed
Rly wanna know
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I was 15 and curious to what it felt like, perhaps also because I was impressionable and it was considered cool, but more so I was curious my mom literally told me it could kill me and when I found out u can’t die from it my interest was piqued.

In hindsight I should’ve waited for my brain to develop more before smoking maybe until my 20s.

U can tell when someone started smoking before puberty like at 10-11 years old
no particular reason, just wanted to try. smoked for the first time when i was 23, greened the fuck out and never did it again

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was trying to impress a girl, now i smoke for joint pain n to be high cuz my life sux sober atm
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the weed goblin said if i dont face the gravity bong full of dirt weed at the ripe age of 14 he was gonna compress me so efficiently my mouth & asshole would be as separate as the hole on either side of a donut
my young internet usage paired with my impressionability made me believe that weed was extraordinary and amazing. that made me really want to try it whenever i got the chance to. the first few times i did it i didn't get the high that i've imagined, until about a year and a half later when i decided to give it another shot and it felt amazing, i won't even lie. i was around 16 when i first tried it with no effects, and then had just turned 18 on my first high.

i smoke occasionally or often depending on how you want to look at it, like 3-4+- times a month. comparing it to alcohol or nicotine i don't feel like i crave it or need it, but i do enjoy smoking it
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