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Yea, might be thinking of joining, I reckon' I'm pretty good in aikido, so if I see any of you, I'll ask if you could give me a quick test
Oi TeamSambo, I would like to join.
My best mod is aikido at all. I played with NutHug on a QucikAikido server, but did not see any active members, where are you guys. Plsease PM me or reply here, about test or whatever you want.
~Cheers, Dawe
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hi i want become a team sambo member.
i'm super active in forum and in game and i'm a good,honest and fair player.
i'm also good in aikido and ABD and not only in this mod
there are my best replay(i think)
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aikido best ever.rpl (49.2 KB, 6 views)
aikido best.rpl (93.2 KB, 4 views)
armageddon is now!!.rpl (116.6 KB, 4 views)
I would like to join team sambo please I know it's invite only but I am asking for an invite
Please do consider inviting me
I know my mod rank for aikido sucks but once I have gotten a 7 streak in aikido
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Hey, i"ve been around for a while. playing aikido. if any of you have noticed. would love to represent this org

That was very well said!
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