Making an application is so troublesome.

You've all seen my art, you know what I can do.
I'll take a yes or a no please.
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
thats besides the point.
then you can take a no.

please feel free to apply when your ego deems us worthy.
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No please.

BenD haz point, if you can't be bothered to make an app then we can't be bothered either. ._.

Sorry skura, can't view your post 'cause I'm in school currently and they block image hosting sites >_>

Your website isn't loading. But from what I see in the thread and (mostly) on DA, it's a yes from me.
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This is still live, right?
Is the TAT place from where GameKeepers pick some people to do art for them? Like banners (I love doing banners :]) text dividers, and all that stuff...
To tell u the truth I want to work for GKs when they are preparing some event. I'll apply here if this place is active. GATA is more texture-based oriented and I'm not exactly a texture maker.
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How long have you been doing toribash art: a year
your best field of Art: Avvy,Sig,Background,Head
Why do you want to join TAT: I Wanna be an awesome artist of toribash,and i wanna improve my art
(optional)Post a small of yourself (tori): just dl and lp me, or i'll take a screeny soon
Oh, ok. Then... Do you recommend for me to try for GATA? Will it help me to have some connections with GKs? For Art?
GKs only pick people they know, be friends with GKs, get gigs.

Be friends with admins, do site banners, be friends with hampa, do artwork for his walls, etc.
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