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About Bromo-Team.

To counteract the lack of creativity in Promo-Team, and the general drama around every major event, me, and a few other people are starting Bromo-Team.

Now, this is exactly what it sounds like, Promo-Team without the fuss, and with less drama that comes with being on the Promo-Team. We're a bit more laid-back. As of June 3rd 2009, we now have our own fully working bot, called BromoBot. It is enabled with adminrights so broadcasting an event to all servers is possible.

Group aim: Our primary objective is to build up a better, more creative, more free (not in the money sense) promotional group (than the PT). We aim to be the best. Our secondary objective is to push the PT to be better. Should we fail, at least they will have improved from our... competition. We are not against collaborating with the Promo-Team, but we are not going to be treated like second-class citizens.
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I don't mean to invade and such

But unless Bromo Team members become inactive, there would be a 10% chance that BT will accept applications.
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when will you be accepting applications??

From you, never.

Those with common sense, what Aspire said, most likely.
-_- i am holding back my ragge

ok fuck it, i asked a simple question and you, being a dickbag just booted my chances to be in this hellfuck that you call bromoteam might as well call it homoteam so all in all thank you

I lol'd. Anyways, infracted for insulting other members.
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