Then i would like to apply for both please, shall i edit my original post?
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-Why you want to join. Well, i guess because i want to give back, as well as enforce the rules a bit more. Whenever i get some tc, i either give them away in a tourney, or just to some blue belt who looks like he needs some help. And currently, having no power, I can only have so much influence on rule-breakers.

-Age. 16

Art or Hosting? I'd have to say hosting, because im not that good with Gimp yet.

-Previous experience (if any). Not much i guess, I've been playing Toribash for like 3 years now, and I do know most of the rules, and how to host tourneys, as well as how to treat delicate situations.

-Referrals (if you have any).Shin-Ryuu:
Originally Posted by Shin-Ryuu

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-Why you want to join. Peoples in toribash need more opportunity, to show your skills, and then, get toricredits with that. I always help those noobs brazilians (that's everyone thinks) so I can help more peoples now, if I join it.

-Age. 14 (turning 15 in july 1st)

-Art or hosting? Hosting

-Previous experience (if any). None

-Referrals (if you have any). None
may0naise, we will be discussing you on the channel and in the private forum. Thank you for your interest.
-Why you want to join.
Because it would be nice to get to know people better and would also be fun to host tourneys and/or other events.


-Art or hosting? Hosting, I can do art aswell though.
~If you have chosen art, please link to your portfolio, or a work you have done.

-Previous experience (if any). Well i have hosted clan tourneys and events before, if that counts.

-Referrals (if you have any). Nope, sorry.

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ownagehuh, after a little discussion on our channel if we should even consider you we decided on no.

Also, people posting applications from now on, please state if you wish to do art or if you wish to host. Thank you.
-Why you want to join. i really like running servers i have a few server run now and again same for me and same for a few Friend so i think i would be a very good Hoster



-Previous experience (if any).
i was running DIAF server before i want to Hybrid now i try to run hybrid's server 24/7

-Referrals (if you have any).

And on a side note/ i have skype,Vent,TS,Xfire,IRC,MSN,Yahoo
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-Why you want to join: I like making graphics. Also I'd like to make new art members of the bromo team obsolete so their talents can wane unused until they rage and make the blomo team.


-Art or hosting:
Art -

-Previous experience (if any):
Like, shittons of stuff.

-Referrals (if you have any:
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