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Forge Applications
Experienced flame forger or designer? Apply here!
Applications will not be accepted unless they look like this.
Name: sooperman
Age: 17
Forging Experience: I have been messing around in the forge since it was released, and have been thinking about buying access to the forge.
Toribash Market Experience: I have been dealing items and textures since I started playing.
IRC: Yes, I have one. You can find me as sooperman.
Good luck.
Examples of BEST work are appreciated.
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Age: 13, 14 in june
Forging Experience: Had Abit, Im Not That Good, But Would Like To Learn More To Get Better
Toribash Market Experience: Have Sold Alot Of Items/Textures, And know general Texture/flame prices, not too good on item prices though :/
IRC: Not Sure what you mean here, but yea, i have it, and am on it whenever im on my pc

Also, \o/ First Post
Name: Playaj
Age: 16
Forging Experience: Alot, forged for many customers and had shop.
Toribash Market Experience: Enough. Had my own shop, link in sug, was pretty successful, opening it up again soon.
IRC: Pretty much always when I'm on comp.

Good luck, and may the forge be with you.
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here are my flames, not the best in the world, but as i said, i want to join so i can get better. also, sorry for non-shaders, my crappy laptop wont support them D=, and ignore my set, they're not made to go with my set, there just a few muck around ones ive done in the last 5-10 mins:

bilza, I'd like to see a picture of the best flame you have done so far.

At the moment, the flames you posted are pretty basic looking.
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Name: Ryukendo99
Age: 11
Forging Experience: Nope. I HAVE created a few flames for fun. But not for the profit. I'm trying to learn here.
Toribash Market Experience: Not so much. I'm only good with item prices. I'm not a texture maker/seller.
IRC: Pretty Often

NOTE : I'm just trying to learn here.

OSHI- Big problem. I dont have flame forger. I only used the one in-game.
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Flame Forger is the one in-game, there is no difference when you buy the booster. Learning is simple. I wrote a very basic tutorial; check the tutorial forum. This will give an overview of all the tools at your disposal. When you think you have made something more interesting than regular flames, come back.
Name: Gorman
Age: 17
Forging Experience: See here. I generally like more creative stuff than just the standard rising particles. Also ignore the 'pixelation'. It isn't pixelation, its the flame texture. Although you guys all understand that, you guys are forgers after all
Toribash Market Experience: I used to deal items and textures, back in the day.
IRC:Yeah, i hang out in TAT, TTM and Toribash, under the nick Gorman

Note: I don't have flame forger, so i just mess around and sell 'recepies' :P
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Name: Hxcbbqimo
Age: 16
Forging Experience: I have been working with the flame forge since release, and planning on buying once shortly or sharing one with an already well-known shop. I have designed many by myself.
Toribash Market Experience: I have done large scale exchanges consisting of buying and selling texture sets, the selling of packs, the buying of non-qi items and flames, and have been exchanging in the market since I have started playing.
IRC: Yes I am an active IRC member. You can find me as Hxcbbqimo.
In-Game: 14 Hours a day ish, will go up since summer is coming.
Misc. Information: I was part of an active role in the creation and foundation of rules to be made for flame stealing. I worked with FNugget, Novitech, Steveirwin, and Gumfighter towards finding the logical way to explain what is plagiarism and flame stealing. I think we have established some precedent for future flame stealing.

~Thanks, Hxcbbqimo
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