For kingdrake, I say no for now, improve your flames, then show us.
Same with Dajoka.
Lempika has sparked my interest, I'm considering you.
Name: PanSowa
Age: 15
Forging Experience: I have been working to blkk, i don't have money for flame forger acces so i was doing them almost for fun;p I was using flame forger since it's in Toribash ( i liked the flames in older versions, now they're fcking curly xD)
Toribash Market Experience: I have been making textures since month? ( or idk;p) I started trading and etc. when i translated toribash to polish and get some cash to start the busines;p
IRC: I'm sometimes on, on #rutzfag xD, nick: PanSowa

Examples : spam spam xD

Pics, when moving:

Pic with blue end

Fancy flame, that look like flames, it left ur face free, so anybody can see ur head texture Ask for any other options

Pics : (meh is in blkk's textures xD)

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Ryuu was there :o

While you might be able to make a few designs and you are enthusiastic about forging, your forum posting is spammy and nothing short of annoying. You copy pasted previous posts without editing them and you didn't crop pictures to just the flame itself.
Name: Tinerr
Age: 19
Forging Experience: Got acces to forge a time ago, less than a week, and started with forges testing.
Toribash Market Experience: Actually I was not too much interested in the market since I got the imperial stuff I wanted.
IRC: Sure, I am Tinerr, mostly found in #Latin.

attached a lil work, while testing stuff
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Hey guys.
I got some mad design skills, and I have knowledge of forging.
Age: 17
Toribash Market Experience: Highland tomatoes
IRC: Yes, I have one. You can find me as Renkai.
Sadly, I only have screens of my beginner flames. I'll load more recent screens if they are needed.

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Name: jakebb44
Age: 16
Forging Experience: been playing with it and its a lot of fun, and i love to get better at it
Toribash Market Experience: ive sold many items and textures on the torimarket
IRC: no sadly i dont but if it is a necesity then i will get one

here is an ex i whipped togeather in the past 10 minutes

edit new added ...soo much fun
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