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I'm still confused on the prices and stuff like that. I never know what is a good price for a flame. There's so much mystery.
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I'm still confused on the prices and stuff like that. I never know what is a good price for a flame. There's so much mystery.

There is no real set pricing. Just dont be surprised if a flame like an inferno flame costs you 100k+. Flames nicer than that will cost a bit more as well.
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Forging cost can range from 36.4k to 238k. Average regular flames are around 100k. Anything that moves differently generally cost more. Anything with bigger particles cost more. Anything with more particles cost more. These tend to be 150k. Anything someone might call spammy, with more than one of those at maximum, cost a lot more.

If you think someones scamming you, try making a request to two or more shops.
We should make a general price listing with some examples of flames within each range, so people can easily see how much their flame would cost.
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Thats hard to do gorman but we can try, with some different styles ill post some tommorow morning ( 9 hours from now.)
can you post the settings of a flame that cost 238k to forge? the most expensive one ive been able to make was 150k to forge. most regular flames only cost about 70k to forge, nice ones about 90k epic ones 120-150k imho
It is somewhat confuzing of the price cost of each flame, They vary to much I believe a solid 70k should be the price to forge a flame.
So skill doesn't cost more tc
No. It's not skill that make flames cost more.

More effects, more particles, longer lasting particles cost more TC. Everyone is subjected to that.
Skill in using settings to make them look nice adds service charge at forgers discretion. This is retailing.
Skill in using settings without incurring as much forge cost reduces the forgers cost. This can reduce the retail price and allow for extra service charge from forger.

Skill actually reduces price. I see plenty more flames that are done poorly, expensively, and are rather unimpressive.
Setting all flames to 70k is socialist. It's like setting all head texture art to 5k. No one would put the effort into making a good head when everyone can be just as bad and expect a share of the sales.