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So, I've finally decided to join in the fun.

I think the best thing for us to do right now, is to score some goals. (lol)

  1. Get 30 people in one server playing. (it can be a tournament, or normal)
  2. Get 600 people playing on all the servers (use the "people playing" thing at the top of this post)
  3. Make 4 servers, and max them out at 30 people.
  4. Host competitions where you only win the prize if you break someones foot (winrar!)
  5. Win a seat in the next election, so we can cut down Promo-teams power
  6. Make this post
(note to others: edit this post to add more goals)


Upon successful completion of any of these goals, you will be awarded Toricredits from the Bromo-Team vault.


Because we want to hurl Promo-Team and their evil leader Gman80 out the friggin' window. Goddamnit.

"Remember, remember the 5th of November. The promo-team, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the promo-team treason should ever be forgot"
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The veb has indeed landed. And he brings with him a assortment of good targets for us to aim for, something that can only help us. Hopefully our members can achieve some of these .
Basically; I'm not going to pay out for hosting, that should be step one for anyone in bromo-team.

What we're going to do is have a list of goals etc, and if they're met when you are hosting, then you'll get paid and recognized. (I can do a lot of cool things for you save the anus)
From now on we're going to use this. Please post after you host a tournament that meets one of these goals, so we know who to reward.

Also any new ideas are welcomed.
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