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Newbie classes.
A lot of talk about holding newbie-teaching classes ingame on the admin board, and I volunteered us for the job. First I'd like to sort out teachers for the different modes.

Aikido ------- list may change
General Knowledge

So if you feel like you're good enough to teach one of these, speak up, don't be modest.

Also, we may accept people as instructors that are not in the Bromo-Team, so feel free to apply. SHITTY APPLICATIONS WILL BE PROMPTLY DELETED.

You need to include your timezone (in GMT).

About the classes:
Pretty self-explanitory, but Blam suggested I share some more info as to what the format will be. Since newbies do not use the forum for the most part, we will be using an account (with a ~) to promote it among the low-belt servers. We will wait a few weeks and get the word out about these classes, then we will start holding them. One teacher will be in a server with a belt limit set to something like blue belts and under. There will be anywhere from 15-25 low belt students in the server. The teacher will have a designated helper/assistant (one of the BT members). This helper will just go along with what the teacher is doing ingame. The teacher will explain the basics of the mode, then show the students using the helper as a dummy. From there the students can join the game and test out the material on eachother, while the teacher spectates and gives further advice. These classes will range from a half hour to an hour, depending on the mode.
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I'm all up for wushu and any variations of wushu.

P.S GMT +2. Can do lessons after hosting tourneys for whoever wants to stick around? ;O
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Thread seems better now, GJ. I would apply for this, but I'm terrible at toribash (ask siku if you don't believe me)

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Kickbox and General Knowledge, I can do. I'd be better suited at general knowledge though, I can't really specify any kickbox techniques.

EDIT: Then again, to be good at kickbox you need some good general techniques.. Yeah anything fairly conventional with a low tf, I could teach.
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I'd be glad to help with wushu.
I would also help as a "helper" if im needed.

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