sounds like a good idea, but any thoughts on a general helper? someone who helps understand the physics, how to avoid dq'ing and things like that. if its ok, I'd like to help with that ^^ yes I know Im not an active forum member, btw, but I'm a black belt with a good understanding of the physics and such.
Well, if there is spot for wushu teaching I would love share my (good or not) wisdom for new players.

I played wushu mainly mod from black belt to about 3th dan black belt and after that I still enjoy playing current mod! Also I have won few times wushu tourneys so at least that proves that there must be little bit of skill, maybe.

I may also teach more professional classes who may learn more difficult moves.
Also I can give basics of comebacking for realy talented new players.

but I keep my eyes in this thread and wait your answer

Timezone: +3 GMT
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erm... i can teach the things i know about wushu, especially physics, comeback, improvisation, and how to make efficient openers. low knowledge but can help newbies
I'm a pretty damn versatile player, I can teach all modes, but I think 'General Knowledge' would fit me best.
My timezone is +10 I think (Sydney, Australia).

I could teach classic mode...explain basic moves...Teach them how to control their tori...Tell them what to do and what not to do, theese basic things.

My gmt is GMT +2
I'll be good at teaching aikido,But I didn't pick my time zone is right.
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Looks like a few people have already appled to teach wushu but I'll apply to teach wushu anyway.

Timezone: GMT +0

also i've had a little experience teaching wushu before, Xarus for instance had been taught by me.
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