KB, i love the mod, and from other ppl i can get even better

also gmt +1
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I'll teach Wushu if you like, depending on how much time i'd have to spend online, and i've got a good grip on kickbox if you're lacking in said department (but i'd rather not play kb, tbh). Timezone - GMT
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I would like to teach wushu or TK i know a fair few heli kicks and punchs that work well im a great player and have tought many people, i tought dyrozix a lot of his heli's and he thinks himself a heli king. If all that spots for wushu are taken i can be a helper

GMT +10

i know me and kit had our difficulties (reason im banned) but i think i could teach:
general knowledge

gmt +2 germany

also i can be a helper

also i teach english in my international school as a tutor so i have real life experience

just because me and kit have problems doesnt mean i cant teach newbys.
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i could teach general knowledge and wushu possibly aikido......i can teach them how to keep their balance,get back on their feet in a tough position,go towards their enemy when flailing around like an idiot....i can teach em my signature kicks.......also how to run......pm me if i can teach.....Looking Forward To It

idk about GMT But my time zone is usa central time
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I can teach buttsecks :P j/k

I can teach millions of things
1: Instagibfeet
2: Zweihander
3: Twinswords4
and several more!

Finally, I can also teach how to pimp out in gimp.
My gmt is something... I am East Coast Standard ( USA )

@ KitFox : Whats the chance this bro could get into Bromo-Team?
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