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[R] Sign my ground texture!!!

Sorry GM's

To Anyone who knows me even a little bit. I want you to go into my custom file and add your little signature, logo or what ever! Post what you have done on here and I will put it on as my ground

I will update it as much as it get changed.
If you happen to put your signature over someone else's I will ask you to move it. Also, nothing offensive. Have some good taste guys. Last thing, try not to take up too much room. I have no idea how many people will want to take part in this but if enough do then there is only 512x512 to get it all onto, so just keep that in-mind.

Aside from that, GO CRAZY!

Have a good one~

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Originally Posted by Yoki View Post
Are dicks offensive

ummmm, as long as your names there too? idk, Do what you want, upload it and I'll say I guess XD
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Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post

Please move it do it's not in the middle. if you got the custom from my file you would see my name is there. Sorry.


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Could ya try and use the one from my custom file please? Saves me having to edit my "MT" into it each time :/
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