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Cool 3D Renders For sale!
Hello guys!
I made a 3D model of a Tori and I rigged it (there is no textures on it), so if you want a clean render of it in the pose of your choice, just dm me on discord and we’ll talk about the pose you want, the camera angle and other stuff we can add to the render...

You can download an example of what my renders can look like if you want.


Normal render (pose of your choice, camera angle of your choice, lighting of your choice, image: HD 1920x1080):
80k tcs or 40 USD $

Add Volumetrics lights to the render:+ 5k tcs or 5 USD $

Make the tori Gold, or change its material: +10k tcs or 8 USD $

Add a specific object to the tori you will ask me to make in 3D:
+( 50k-100k tcs) or + (25-45 USD $) depending on how hard it is to make in 3D.


My Discord : Petrov#8393

I also have a youtube channel btw: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7i...GgUzRf7BZ9JGuw

See you guys soon ^^
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$40 is outrageous. 80k TC is a bit over $5 at the best of times. Changing material takes seconds and shouldn't change the price, and for the items, you can export them straight from the game folder, unless you mean something even more specific. These would take me minutes to make and I've only been using blender for a little over a year. Temple#4297 if you want to talk.
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