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King of the Hill
This is my first attempt at making a mod so please be gentle

King of the Hill is spin on the classic aikidobigdojo where the objective isn’t to beat up your opponent (don’t get me wrong, you can do that too), but rather, to be the closest to the middle of the dojo as the match nears its end. All game settings from abd are used with the exception of grabbing; that has been disabled to encourage movement and positioning over grappling and shoveling.

High above the dojo, an upside down pyramid of invisible blocks falls toward you as you fight for your position on the ground. If neither Tori DQs then the first one to touch any block is the winner irrespective of the scores. Since the first blocks are all in the middle, that’s where you’ll want to be to reign triumphant.

Blocks shown lowered and colored green for visualization.

  • The smallest block reaches the ground on the 478th frame and the largest block reaches the ground on the 500th frame.
  • In my limited testing, when the same block goes through both players the result is a draw, even in cases where one Tori is physically above the other. I have not tested all cases and cannot verify its consistency.
  • Since the blocks come from above, jumping may help a player to reach larger blocks sooner and grant an undo win from a further position than their opponent. Due to how the block sizes scale, this is mainly a concern near the perimeter of the dojo.
  • Heavy blocks go splat. I had to make the blocks heavy so they’d sink into the ground with ease to make way for the blocks above them, but this also means they make a mess when anything gets in their way.
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