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Toribash 5.6x
Hi, Toribash 5.60 is now available!
This release features major updates to Toribash scripting, brings lots of usability improvements and more!

Get Toribash on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/248570/Toribash/
Get Toribash on App Store (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/toribash/id1639530120

Standalone downloads:

What's new:

  • New room list menu
    The updated room list is better in every way, both having nicer looks and providing easy access to more information about rooms!

    It also has a much better "Create Room" menu that you can actually use now, isn't that amazing?

    In addition to that, room list now shows several featured rooms with active players on top, more visibly separates official rooms from player-made ones, shows if the room is password protected so you don't have to guess and has more (and better working!) filters.

  • Lua replay hacking improvements & updated replay format
    This one is for replaymakers - remember how you had to go around those weird bugs with Lua replay hacking working but also not always and then replays getting all glitchy and messed up and not nice at all?
    This is no more! (unless you actually want to make your replay glitchy then sure you're welcome)

    Along with a number of newly added Lua functions, with the help of Kris and Tom we've made replay hacking more straight forward with all your changes being properly stored in replay files, changes not getting randomly carried over to new fights and so on.

    If you're interested in writing Lua scripts for replay hacking, make sure you check the list of changes below!

  • Toribash Lua scripting updates
    Majority of Toribash scripting classes now have annotations with EmmyLua which should vastly improve your coding experience if you're using a compatible editor.

    All built-in Toribash functions are now properly documented and listed in system/system_defines.lua meta script which means you no longer need to wonder whether a function to do something exists or not - you can always look it up there and make use of autocompletion in your IDE when using it in your code!

    Get EmmyLua plugin for VS Code: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com...me=sumneko.lua

  • More UI updates
    More menus have received a facelift with 5.60, getting rounded corners and uniform design.
    You'll notice the changes in moveable windows like Gamerules or MoveMemory, Replays menu and so on.

  • Other changes
    Below goes a list of other new features, tweaks and bug fixes included in Toribash 5.60

    • News menu will now show notifications for unread news and events
    • Windows version now saves screenshots as PNG instead of BMP for easier sharing
    • Vastly improved 3D item loading performance
    • Blood particles will now collide with static environments
    • Collisions with static environment (e.g. walking on mod objects) will no longer generate blood particles by default
    • Replay and replay folders now support non-latin characters in their names
    • Added ability to invert camera axes in game settings
    • Added lower quality fluid blood option in graphics settings
    • Improved flame rendering performance
    • Improved UI rendering performance

    • Fixed bug with blood reflections not showing up
    • Fixed bug with DQ ring always being rendered at 100% opacity
    • Fixed bug with report post submission screen getting broken in some scenarios
    • Fixed bug with Toribash Discord server link in report post submission screen being broken
    • Fixed bug with camera getting stuck when looking up in freecam mode
    • Fixed bug with replay speed getting stuck at 0 in some scenarious
    • Fixed bug with special Toribash characters (!^%) not getting escaped in Login and Register screens
    • Fixed bug with item effects not being rendered in UI viewports
    • Fixed bug with Kiai sounds not playing on match start
    • Fixed bug with mod triggers not working on instagib bodyparts and when grabbing env objects
    • Fixed bug with menu resolution not updating after changing gui scale or game resolution

  • Toribash Lua scripting updates
    In addition to replay hacking changes touched upon earlier, 5.60 introduces some other updates to Lua scripting:

    • Raycasting
      Say you want to create a clickable object in 3D world. What you'd probably do earlier is get the 2D position of object's coordinates and then do some manual calculations and guesswork on whether your click position is still within object bounds on screen - which is not always easy on rotated cubes or capsules.
      What you can do with Lua raycasting is create a raycastable body and then shoot rays to it to test it instead! This is essentially the same functionality as what Toribash uses for detecting joint clicks, now available through scripting.

    • System classes updates
      Aside from getting EmmyLua annotations, majority of system classes have been majorly reworked, both to increase performance and match more modern scripts' code style.
      While this means there are now new features to use in your scripts, some of old methods have been marked deprecated (and will be phased out in future Toribash releases) or had already been removed from public access.

      One of the examples that we had come across during beta testing is that some third party scripts use TBMenu:displayTextField() method with manual setup instead of using the generic TBMenu:spawnTextField() method, which will throw an error in 5.60 as the former function has been moved to TBMenu internal helper class and is no longer exposed publicly. These issues, however, can be fixed pretty quickly in most cases, and migrating to the generic UI element spawner methods guarantees your scripts will be able to use any new features related to those elements in future automatically.

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Which search bar exactly you're talking about?

the one in the server list

it was commonly used to find your friends or clanmates
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Oh, cool. The old school + is gone.


I guess sarcasm is truly dead. Like the +.
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New build now available on Steam, changes inside:
  • New Mods directory with a better structure and new mods
  • Mods browser will now open last viewed folder after being minimized
  • Added oldschooler status display in Queue list
  • Added "Texture compression" option in Graphics settings

  • Fixed bug with "Start new game" toggle always being unchecked after game restart in Gamerules
  • Fixed bug with scrollable lists' last position not being updated when using drag-to-scroll
  • Fixed bug with player position and numplayers values not always resetting properly when loading a new mod
  • Fixed crash to desktop when attempting to enable Uke focus camera with numplayers 1
  • Fixed bug with incorrect resolution handling on macOS with external monitors or on old macs without Retina displays
  • Fixed bug with game title custom texture not being displayed
  • Fixed bug with missing + button in MoveMemory when no moves are recorded and Kicking tutorial hasn't been completed
  • Fixed bug with MoveMemory featured move rendering when they're the only recorded moves

Standalone installers have also been updated to the latest Steam build
Very nice update
yeeeah man so nice update.

It´s so amazing that nothing its working.

We can´t play. amazing.

Didn´t see staff solving nothing or resposing to issues.

Brilliant as always.

Nabi ur the best fellers.

Dont get urselves killed working
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yeeeah man so nice update.

It´s so amazing that nothing its working.

We can´t play. amazing.

Didn´t see staff solving nothing or resposing to issues.

Brilliant as always.

Nabi ur the best fellers.

Dont get urselves killed working

I hope you are joking, we are getting a ton of updates in a game from 2006, how many other games from 2006 are still getting updates? I cant name any. Are you seriously whining about not being able to access the game for a short duration of time, which happened like once in the last 5 years, due to some unexpected events? holy shit man, this is not some big game studio, its just basically Sir working on the game, and a homeless man drifting around with his laptop.

Huge props to Sir, which will probably fix this issue before you can say "banana bread"
5.60 seems to have removed the options to toggle on and off body textures, 3d items, hairs, flames, etc. Either that or I just cant find those options anymore. I had all that stuff disabled when I was on 5.55. After updating it's still all disabled, and I can't find a way to turn them back on.