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[R] Full 512 set. >480k< + prime :D

So, I just bought all those 512 items, but now I need some epicness to put in them.
Therefore, I am requesting a set, that will make my eyes bleed.
Everything MUST be in 512x512, and I dont want any premade set's :> .

I want the whole set + head to be based on my old head.

Freestyle your way to the colors. ( demon + pure would be awesome though )


Seems like 340k isent enough for you grease monkeys.
SOOO, 480k + 1 year of prime.


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Well, if you are able to wait some time, I'm going to do it. Edit: Maybe.
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Texturing tutorial
No requests please
i will attempt if i finish my other requests soon
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no need to participate.
alphasonik is gona get it all anyway.

Have you SEEN that mans worklist? Lel.

Ive got pleanty of time.
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Why the fuck aren't you requesting directly from me O:

because he asked me!
conveniently, i happen to need tc.
im on it
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