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[R] 1 Million TC Set Request
Ok so as the title said, I'm looking for a new trademark set for myself. Below are the details:


Colors: Use any joint colors, for joints that are below 5k qi. I'll buy the joints after, so there's no specific colors at the moment.

Size: 512x512

Style: Make your best set, that is all. I am looking for a unique/original, realistic look with a high level of details for my set so be creative. That's all I will provide for now as far. Oh and NO tribals or cartoons. I prefer no c/p but I won't mind too much if you use it.

Style update:
If you do decide to make a robotic set, I will prefer sets that will fit Nightmare's head. You CAN edit it as you wish, however send me a PM so I can send you the flat. However, you can PM me if you decide to make something else so we can discuss the details.

Deadline: The deadline is now the 31st of this month. If the leading set by that time will not be finished, I will change the public request to a personal request to the leading artist and discuss the details with him.

Additional notes: Please provide wips ( preferably ingame screenshots) so I can see your progress and share my impression. The more wips, the better. And try to make the set worth 1 mil tc. I know it's hard but I will also pay 1 mil tc for a set which comes close to this value, but I don't want to pay 1 mil for a set worth 300k, if you know what I mean. If I won't see any high quality work, I will probably close the request by the end of the deadline and open it later on.

I will probably end up liking most sets submited, considering the artists involved in the request. However, that doesn't at all mean I will accept a set worth below my expectations. If you want me to accept your set, make me love it.

Small note: I'd also like it if you can make a ground texture to suit the set. This isn't necessary, but it can have a small role in the final decision.

Important note: NO Premades. I will report anybody showing premades here or via PM.

Thanks and looking forward to your works.
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Lol, few are able to do this set ~1million, and I think you will not pay more than ~500k
I will try to Iron Man xD
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Thanks guys. And I will pay 1 mil tc hopefully, I got nothing to do with the money anyways ^^.

Oh almost forgot, I added a new detail in the request.
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On it!
Do you prefer robotic or cartoony?

Thanks. I provided all the details needed in the request description, it should answer your question
The basic shape of the design looks good, but some of the details you used look out of place, such as the three rings on each side and the headphone looking things ( can't find a better word for it). Also, the eyes are too small.

Eyes must look small, because i made them like that.
Btw an update!
Do it with style or don't even bother doing it.