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i have both a hair stile, and i equip it, but i don see it in the game, why is that?

Go to "Setup", go to "Options" then click "Advanced". Click on the one that says:
[] Hair
[]Shader Hair
There you go. If that isn't what's wrong, PM a super moderator.
Your transfer history doesn't show that you've purchased a hat.
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If you buy an item with real money, is that item a No-QI item? I have a Pure Force and can wear it at black belt and only about 1300 QI
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If you buy any item with real money, it will be no qi, the one time its transfered from the shop to you.
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Halp. I check the boxes and hit submit, but when I go into the game it isn't there. Is there anything else I need to do to activate it? I have waited a while, restarted my computer, restarted toribash, and I've tried pretty much everything I know how to do. What do. Please help :c
Checkboxes and 'submit' are for placing items into sets. To wear an item you should click on "activate" instead.

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