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750k/50USD worth Set Request
General request: Ok so I want a non-cartoon realistic set, with lots of details and that will look awesome in videos and replays basically. And naturally I want it to have a 3D look all across, and absolutely no c/p and same image excessive using across the entire set. Be creative and original.

Also no premades at all. If you got something just PM me.

Styles preferred: 100% hand/mouse drawn ( this is me saying no c/p at all), Organic, Robotic, Reptilian, Human, Cyborg Mixed etc


Quality note:
I expect this to be of a very high quality so the minimum for the head would be to get accepted in the head expo. I also expect the rest of the set to be just as good, or at least close to it.

Size and colors: 512x512 and Demon color for the main color ( you pick the rest of the colors)

Deadline: Once I see at least two completed sets that I like. Other than this there is no deadline.

: No-qi Elf pack ( note that the price in the title is the actual worth of the Elf pack in the current market)
Payment note: If I will sell the elf pack the payment will be from 500k to how much I sell it for or something like this.

Important note:
I might be able to purchase more sets from those that won't win the request, depending on how much I will have to spend and how much the artist wants for it. But this will be discussed at the end of the request.
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whoa... i'm on this! you know i work 100% on mouse drawn xD
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Heh, rich bitch.
On it, even though i know i will get raped.
Also will make mouse drawn shit.
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It's All About Expansion
Great :]

I like seeing wips even if they are at an early stage or if they are posted often. Also the 100% mouse/hand drawn is basically me saying no c/p just to be clear ( in case somebody misunderstands)

Even if I somebody won't win the request, they can still sell their set outside the request so it's a win-win situation if you try.
hey zalmoxis, can you accept tribals? or... at least.. spiky stuff? things like that?
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Need Textures? PM Me.
Il be abandoning the typical tribal approach. i may tribalise a few elements tho, armour, light flourishes etc
did some looking around, il be making a set from various elements of these concepts
may just be ideas, shapes, individual elements or colour combinations

main ideas:

additional bits:
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Thanks to everybody so far, keep 'em up :]

Yeah I accept tribals.

Bendover: You can put the tribal on hold and finish it later on. I have no deadline on it.

As far as this request goes:

There are too many female references in those links xD

But if I were to look past that and to the concepts you use for inspiration then I'd say to go ahead and make it.

Oh and I might be able to purchase more sets from here by the end of this request, depending how much extra tc I will have to spend and how much you want for a set. But this will be discussed at the end.