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The only attempt ive ever tried to make look female in textures looked like a gay male, not much to worry about on that front :S
i was mainly talking about layout and mapping.
torso's and asymetrical stuff
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ben: Oh haha xD

Well the layout and mapping on those references were ok, I'll have to see what you come up with. But the reference that sparked the most interest for me was the Illidan one.

vog: Sure. Like I said you can mix styles and I even encourage it.
Jesus fucking christ Ferrock.
Ehh, my lame first wip. (Messy shit yeah)
Theres this exposed mouth and those lines on the left will be much like a helmet. Opinion?
It's All About Expansion
I left Ferrock cnc on skype so I won't re-post it here. Obviously the wip is awesome

Danzos: It's still a bit too early for me to tell but the idea so far is good :]