ToriCombat League
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Wip#1 5% done

Awesome wip as far as I can see from the flat. Once you get to a later stage I'll test it ingame.

Oh and don't forget to make the head asymetrical
WIP 1: basic sketch so far
This will be fun. It appears I will have some competition. Also, I know the mapping is way off.
xo: yeah I was going to tell you about the mapping but it's good that you have it covered :]

The idea of an overly large mouth is good, but I'd like to see some robotics there, maybe make the mouth with hydraulic components?
Looks pretty good so far, I really like it.

But the mouth is a bit too small and the eyes and teeth can barely be noticed. Can you work on this? :]

Maccross: can you pick a different character? I know somebody who already has a venom set so it wouldn't be too original to have another one.