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ah no my imagination just emptied on that request
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satiknee: Freelancer, you're a duck | Wiggi: Freelancer, you're a duck | Tarlan: Freelancer, you're a duck
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Something like that? :| Sorry if it's not epic but I was out of ideas XD

that would be the general layout, but not exactly what I'm looking for...

  • The trees are nice, I like that, it's classy...
  • The icon area is nice (could maybe change the design of it a little though, maybe add some detail)
  • the silhouette of the girl - must be sexier, can you change that to the chick on truckers' mudflaps?...
    (so she's leaning up against the left side of the screen or the icon area)
  • The color scheme is too dark and grey... I need a much happier bluer tone

I think that's about it... I'll see what you come up with, thanks!
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<3 Toribash!

make me an EPIC 1680 x 1050 px wallpaper!

make this here goin in from the right: (vertical mirrored, that he looks to the left)
and the logo from this picture under it:

then for middle of the picture use this pic: (only the women pls)
and this logo above it:

then for the left use this: (you dan also mirror it if you want/if it looks better)
and use the logo from this picture for it:

and for background i wanna have some cool darkart-background
and pls when you are finish, can i have the .psd file?

and i know this is maybe much work, so if it isnt only copy paste work, i give you more than 1k tc!
its up to 5k!
it depends on epicness =P



here i made you a example that you know where i maybe want the pics and logos
not exactly like that, but make it manson left, evanescence middle, asp right...
those are only the rough coordinates...
be creative!
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Note that EvilKnebl made that for me!
He is a very good artist.
Contact EvilKnebl for all your phtotoshop needs!

I completely made all of my wallpapers from scratch using adobe elements 6.0 I even have the psd save file that broken down into all the layers
Make me an epic widescreen wallpaper themed as mah avatar >:D3
Pleaaaaase :)
Originally Posted by ingame chatz0r
[FID]borgpunx : This server is Wurstfest
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : it brings different cultures together
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : let's worship the Wurst
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : and accept it as our new live preserver