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Please add the accepted payment methods in order to follow the rules.
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I) All auction, buying, and sales threads should state which forms of payment are being accepted/offered, for example "TC only" or "high-value items".
Also note that posts inquiring about the preferred payment option which aren't offers are treated as useless, and punished accordingly. If form of payment wasn't stated clearly, it should be assumed that both items and TC are accepted.

D) Previewing Flames:
.....I) Previews should be images, videos or gifs only.
.....II) Flame sales must have at least one preview with the entire flame against the default white background and without any flame texture unless requested otherwise by the buyer.
.....III) Flame IDs must be posted any time a flame is being sold (e.g. the first post of selling threads and any other posts in buying threads). See this post for how to check the flame ID.

Sorry, but you need to add this, too.
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