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Toribash rules and mods don't apply
Alright, so I've been reading up on other threads and I think this is a new one. Basically, whenever I change the rules via Setup>Gamerules, whatever value I change, it just loads another game. I've tried deleting local content and reboot it; with this, whenever I click on Game Rules, Toribash suddenly closes, and when I open it again, it runs fine but the Game Rules don't apply. The same happens with mods, and when I apply a shader, only A, even if I select a different shader. I hope I'm not reposting or anything, it's appears similar to but I just don't know what to do Any help/comment/suggestion is very appreciated
Try using a different version (Steam or standalone)
make sure you're on a new version(update) sometimes that helps.
try fully deleting the game restarting your pc and re downloading.
if this doesn't help please say so, i'll be sure to give more possible ways to fix it if this doesn't help.
You did the right thing by posting a new thread, good job! Try pressing ctrl+g to edit game rules and ctrl+h to select a shader. Make sure "remember game rules" is checked in Setup>Options.

If this doesn't work, try reinstalling Toribash. You can find the versions here or on Steam.
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Ok, first things first. I'm playing on a Mac, i've already reinstalled and restarted it, but alas, to no avail and i already have Remember Game rules activated. I'm also playing Toribash via Steam, so I thinl it's already updated. The only way i can apply rules or mods is by creating servers
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Is this what it's doing?

Here is an example of Game Rules being changed in Single Player.

Do any of these match what's happening?
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1. I can load other mods perfectly but not xspar.
2. I can change the matchframes, turn frames, flags, dismemberment, fracture, dismembermerthreshold, fracturethreshold, pointthreshold, dojotype, dojosize, engageplayerpos, engageplayerrot, damage, gravity, sumo, reactiontime, drawwiner and maxcontacts. From engagedistance to engagespace I can't change anything
3. When I select a shader in the shader menu, the shader changes to the one selected, but as soon as I click load, it changes to the first shader in the menu. This happens to all shaders.
If it's worth doing, it's worth finishing.